Thursday, June 30, 2005

Title 6 (Taxation) is staring at me, just begging to have its headings checked. But I'm tired of the Indiana Code for now. And I get to go home in 15 minutes.

The amazing thing is that we actually have work to do again...lots and lots of it in orderly piles. I love this kind of thing: there is a very specific order to the steps that need to be taken in order to make sure that the Code is ready to go. You don't have to figure out what to do, because it's very simple. Once in awhile (well, more often than that), my brain loves not having to work very hard and this work satisfies my inner anal-ness. The question is: do you get to list the Indiana Code on a CV as a publication?

I also, at Julesapunk's suggestion, bought Emergency Sex at lunch. I've only read a few pages into it, but I can already tell that I'm going to have to make hard choices between reading it and finishing her graduation present. I think I need to call that punk tonight, because she's going to be the designated Peace Corps volunteer for my godmother's sixth graders. They'll send her letters and learn all about Niger...I think it's going to be awesome, as it has been in the past with other volunteers. Anyway, she wants a poster for the classroom!

And in a final wrap-up, I think I got lucky and inherited my mother's cholesterol. Given my family history, this is a very, very good thing. But, I'm getting tired of going running and I need to find another form of physical activity in which I can participate, considering that I don't own a membership to any sort of health facility or own a bike (although I may borrow one). Maybe I should start the skating again. I miss it.


j00j said... Reply to comment

Clearly this code thing is good work for Lazy Joyce (tm).
I'd say you should start skating again. Or rollerblades could be kinda fun outdoor exercise. Beats running. Bleh. Skating or swimming (join the Y or something else reasonably-priced?) would be better in this heat, though.

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