Sunday, March 26, 2006


This is a bit surreal. I'm sitting in Baaaahar's flat in Krakow listening to CNN while he's in a school-related meeting. First of all: the AWESOMENESS of seeing Baaaahar! Who ever thought that all of this would work out? I had my doubts at times, but I'm so happy and it's so fantastic! We just keep being: "Oh my god! I can't believe you're here!" Hurrah!

Getting here was tons of fun. My flight was at 6:10, so I really would have been cutting it close to get the first train of the morning. Choice #2: sleeping in the airport! That's what I went for. :-) You'd be amazed at the number of people who were there. I was. And the shops are open all night. But, despite my sleeping bag and new, inflatable travel pillow, there wasn't really a whole lot of sleep happening right. A bit more on the plane, but I'm knackered.

Anyway, it was a really fun day wandering around the city. Baaaa's back now, so I won't linger on this. Woot!

Monday, March 13, 2006

Happy Monday!

I know I'm a little nerd-tron, but I really loved having Monday classes today! We had make-ups for International Criminal Law, because Gerry's going to have to be on leave this summer term. While I didn't appreciate the 9 am start and 6 pm finish, I just feel like I've gotten the week off to a really, really good start. I liked having something that made me boot my butt out of bed so early. Then again, I might be liking the novelty of it all and would be a very unhappy camper if I had 9am Monday classes every week. Apologies to those of you who have real jobs that start much earlier on Monday mornings!

Tomorrow's Sine Die in the Indiana General Assembly! That concept just always excites me.

The line-ups are out (or just came to my attention, anyway) for the Irish Fests this year and I'm really, really sad that I'm going to miss them. But, it's really expensive to fly to the States in the middle of summer and I'm looking at a November trip, to visit my grandma, be there for Duchie's birthday and see the Blacks! My godfather doesn't talk on the phone and it is likely to be the first time I've spoken with him since I left in September. It also makes sense to go while my visa's still valid and I haven't officially graduated. It's very close to actual graduation, but it would be nice to be home for Thanksgiving and I'm fairly certain that my grandmother won't make it over for the ceremony. Or, I could think about flying home for Christmas and take all my stuff with me: then, I can travel to somewhere else without all my stuff. Actually, that's not the worst idea ever. This would all make so much more sense if I knew what I was doing next! Spain? Peace Corps? ACK!

Finally, I went to the National for the first time in absolute AGES today to do reading on my dissertation. We've got a proposal due this Thursday and I'm still trying to figure out what I'm writing about. It's complicated. I'm going to go read my pirate book. ARRRGH, Matey!

Sunday, March 12, 2006


Oh the irony. We're set to do a make-up class on the International Criminal Tribunal for the Former Yugoslavia tomorrow in International Criminal Law. I'm looking forward to hearing what Gerry has to say on Slobo's death; I'm of the opinion that it's a huge pity that the case didn't conclude. There's little enough case law as there is and more is always good. Plus, it would have been an absolute landmark in the development of international law and individual responsibility (not to mention "justice" for the victims and their families). And, GAH! BBC World Service, please stop mixing up the ICC & the ICTY before I have to come over to Bush House and hurt you!

In other news, I've spend an ungodly amount of time this weekend hiding in my room folding small origami boxes. (They're really satisfying!) And I skipped Gero's birthday party, yet another chance to see the LIMUN folks again. I don't know what my deal is; why don't I want to spend time with this awesome group of people? If we're asking that, why don't I want to see people in general? Sigh. I need to stop with the hermit-ness.

Saturday, March 11, 2006

"Hello, Gorgeous!"

Can I just say that I love the guy in the shop downstairs! Considering that all he really sells are phone top-ups, gas top-ups, electricity top-ups and alcohol, I don't go in there all that often. But when I do (like last night), he's just the sweetest person ever! His tiny daughter is adorable, too!

I did a 25-minute run today, which was excellent. Libby and I haven't had compatible schedules at all throughout the last month or so, so I've been going on my own. It isn't as fun, but an iPod makes it do-able. Well, that, and the promise of Borough market on Saturdays. Yay Borough Market!

Finally, on the running front, I went ahead and entered the Cancer Research UK Race for Life this morning. It's June 4 and in the Ciy of London. There were other locations, some that involved a good deal more green, but it only seems right to be running through the City. I'm excited to prove to the world that I am entirely capable (or I will be soon) of running for 5K, but also because my life's been so totally whacked over the head by cancer. It seems like a fitting tribute to my mom; to Tricia, my godsister; to my best friend's grandfather and anyone else who has been affected by this crappy conglomeration of diseases. If you'd like to donate, then please visit this website. My goal is £100.00, but I would love to raise more money than that, of course! Thanks so much! Woooot!

Sunday, March 05, 2006

Alright, in the end there wasn't any skating. Someone used their puppy eyes to get out of it and we went to the Tate Modern, instead. Not a bad place, really. Half of the galleries were being rehung and closed and the new, rehung surrealist areas were bothering me. See, they've scattered art all over the walls. It's neatly hung, but I'm so ANAL! This came after the realization that I don't like prime numbers because they aren't orderly enough. But, then, who can't love a squared number? Ah, 25! My favorite of all time.

Today's not been the best ever. I'm sick enough that I skipped the LIMUN get together, which sucked, because I really miss seeing everyone from the conference every week. It didn't suck in that I got to talk to Jules in Niger, which was great. She had posted a really, really long entry in her LiveJournal about being injured and in some really, really serious pain. It was a massive gravel burn, sustained by playing football with another NGO. If you know Jules, it's so her. Anyway, it was make-the-lifelong-Baha'i-talk-about-needing-a-drink pain. But, she's in Niamey now and doing much better, which is such a relief.

I hate feeling like I'm just recapping my life again, which I know can be rather dull for everyone at home. Do you really care that I went to IKEA when no one was in the Brent Lib Dem office and bought a new bookcase? I've rearranged my room a bit and I really like the new look. There are a few other new touches, too. I bought a new skirt last week that is officially two inches smaller than the ones I brought with me and several inches shorter! I KNOW! And, there's a new season of The Amazing Race, which utterly and completely rocks. Oh, that and the fact that Television Without Pity (TWOP) will be recapping the 2005 Doctor Who series when it airs in the US in a couple of weeks. This really is a fantastic show and the snark will make it even cooler!

Finally, I think I may have the answer. No, it isn't 42. Although, really, it is. No, I think the reason that Americans don't want to learn other languages may have something to do with the fact that they're never put in a situation where it would be awesome to know one. More travel! Americans of all ages need to travel more! I suspect that's not a surprise to anyone, but still! I'm still pumped about my new language attempts, even if I haven't gotten past the first lesson in German. I'm reading a young adult mystery thing in Spanish and I'm still surprised at how well I manage. Now, I just need to study my grammer book. Who woulda thought? Me! I hated Spanish for the most part in high school and now I wish I'd worked harder. Although, as my friend Megan pointed out (she's the one I met up with in Spain), we would have exploded if we'd put an equally intense amount of work into every subject. I don't know what we were smoking in high school (well, nothing, which might have been the problem) to think that the amount of work we put on ourselves was normal.

Finally, I've uploaded some of the more recent photos from the trips to Ireland, Stonehenge and Spain. Here's a new favorite. It's me with Francisco de Vitoria, who was one of the early "human rights" advocates (see comments on my assessed essay for a badly explained theory of historical colonialism), who was writing to advocate decent treatment for the indigenous peoples in the new world that Spain was conquering. Vitoria was the last stop on the Spain trip (about which I will write at some point) and I didn't realize it was his hometown until reading it in a book, upon which I hit my head and said "duh!" The plaque calls him the "creator of international rights." Others have called him the father of international law (hello? Grotius!), but I'm going to dispute both of those. Either way, his humanism is cool. Observe:


I do look a bit out of it, don't I?

Saturday, March 04, 2006

Notes in a hurry

Apparently, I've got a local Labour Action Team. First thing I've seen from any of the parties since I moved here.... And the Council and the MP are both Lib Dem.

I missed Borough Market! I've finally got good bread worthy of my jar of peppers that I brought back from Spain last weekend and some nice salami. On the other hand, the place was packed...but I pretty much know my way around! But, can you believe that Borough Market got left out of Time Out's issue on the best markets in London! I KNOW! BOOOOO!

Finally, many people complain about the weather in the UK (particularly, I've noticed, people who don't live here). But, spring has this crazy way of being crappy all week: cold, dark, wet and then absolutely beautiful on the weekends! Take today, for example, it's crazy sunny out there and it was a joy to go running and walk back from the market. Must dash, though, I'm meeting Ian at 12:30 to go skating. Heh. This should be interesting!