Saturday, March 04, 2006

Notes in a hurry

Apparently, I've got a local Labour Action Team. First thing I've seen from any of the parties since I moved here.... And the Council and the MP are both Lib Dem.

I missed Borough Market! I've finally got good bread worthy of my jar of peppers that I brought back from Spain last weekend and some nice salami. On the other hand, the place was packed...but I pretty much know my way around! But, can you believe that Borough Market got left out of Time Out's issue on the best markets in London! I KNOW! BOOOOO!

Finally, many people complain about the weather in the UK (particularly, I've noticed, people who don't live here). But, spring has this crazy way of being crappy all week: cold, dark, wet and then absolutely beautiful on the weekends! Take today, for example, it's crazy sunny out there and it was a joy to go running and walk back from the market. Must dash, though, I'm meeting Ian at 12:30 to go skating. Heh. This should be interesting!