Saturday, March 11, 2006

"Hello, Gorgeous!"

Can I just say that I love the guy in the shop downstairs! Considering that all he really sells are phone top-ups, gas top-ups, electricity top-ups and alcohol, I don't go in there all that often. But when I do (like last night), he's just the sweetest person ever! His tiny daughter is adorable, too!

I did a 25-minute run today, which was excellent. Libby and I haven't had compatible schedules at all throughout the last month or so, so I've been going on my own. It isn't as fun, but an iPod makes it do-able. Well, that, and the promise of Borough market on Saturdays. Yay Borough Market!

Finally, on the running front, I went ahead and entered the Cancer Research UK Race for Life this morning. It's June 4 and in the Ciy of London. There were other locations, some that involved a good deal more green, but it only seems right to be running through the City. I'm excited to prove to the world that I am entirely capable (or I will be soon) of running for 5K, but also because my life's been so totally whacked over the head by cancer. It seems like a fitting tribute to my mom; to Tricia, my godsister; to my best friend's grandfather and anyone else who has been affected by this crappy conglomeration of diseases. If you'd like to donate, then please visit this website. My goal is £100.00, but I would love to raise more money than that, of course! Thanks so much! Woooot!