Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Still pondering classes...

I (still) realize that this stuff is of no interest to anyone who isn't me.

It was looking like my optional modules would be:
AN439 Anthropology & Human Rights (H)
LL454 Human Rights of Women
LL469 The Theory, History and Practice of Human Rights Law (H)

but, AN439 doesn't seem to be offered, according to the timetables that I was able to find online. I am sure, however, that I want to take language classes. But here's the question: continue working on the Spanish (which is the only other language I can even suggest that I might speak) or something new and interesting? Turkish sounds fun, if only because I could go visit Tanyel and put it to use (and is also similar to Albanian for visiting Behar). And, I've always wanted to learn German. I could have taken it at the high school in eighth grade if I hadn't had to take geometry instead. And, yes, I am still a bit bitter. Plus, a trip to Germany wouldn't be hard to arrange (especially if we do all make it to the Model UN conference over spring break!).

I'm going to keep looking for another half-unit class to replace the Anthropology one. I start to wish that I had a better idea of what I wanted to do eventually. I mean, I know in general, but specific details would probably make this easier!