Monday, June 20, 2005

The US Grand Prix

Whell, I've only got a few minutes before leaving for an afternoon of doctor and dentist appointments.

This weekend was the US Grand Prix, as referenced in my previously entry. European spotting was, well, spotty downtown on Friday and I was disappointed. However, Duchess and I went to the Fashion/Snooty/Facist Mall on Saturday (it's just across from Old Navy) and saw lots of them wearing Ferarri t-shirts. So I managed after all.

The race itself was a complete disaster. Because of some stupid tire dispute only 6 cars actually participated...the other 14 pulled into their pits after the parade lap. I feel really bad for the fans, especially the ones who flew from all over the world (although I hope the shopping was still good). But mostly, I feel really bad for the IMS (Indianapolis Motor Speedway) because they had nothing to do with it. Yet the demands for ticket refunds are only going to hurt the IMS, not F1. No one in Indianapolis has ever cared about the F1 race anyway and I wouldn't be surprised if it didn't come back again. Which sort of stinks after the IMS did all that work to build a course, but oh, well. At least I got to Eurotrash watch!

Work is uneventful, if still very slow. My Peace Corp friend has posted her address in Niger and I'm going to Chicago with the aforementioned Duchess to visit another college friend (while Duchess visits her very-nearby boyfriend). I can't wait! Oh, and I finally found a bag that I like after visiting an outfitters in Broad Ripple (the trendy part of Indianapolis). I hadn't even thought to look there, but they've got all the kinds of things that our new massive sporting goods store stopped carrying after it got bought out. Small but mighty! Woot!

Off to be medically examined....

And tomorrow I'll give an update on the suckiness of airline ticketing.