Wednesday, June 08, 2005


Right now, I'm enjoying my work far too much! And what are we doing? We're taking copies of the Indiana Code, in their nice red-bound books and writing over every section that was affected by something this session: either amended, repealed or added.

What was weird was putting a huge red R (for repealed) over our exemption from Daylight Savings Time. How I'll miss thee, IC 1-1-8.1-1. *mumbles evil things under breath*

And, finally, I re-registered for the LSATs yesterday. I'm taking them December 3 in London, again. (No! Taking them in London, once wasn't dorky enough...twice is better.) And I was bequeathed a copy of Powerscore's Logic Games Bible from the Monday sitting of the LSAT, so that might be helpful. I know I can do better than the last time, but I'm also starting to realize that I might still have some of those standardized test skills, if I pulled off a halfway decent score with the pretty minimal amount of studying that I put into it. Anyway, that's that.