Tuesday, June 21, 2005

I forgot the best news of yesterday. My godsister (I live with her parents) has a nine-month-old baby boy and she was very recently diagnosed with stage IV metatastic melonoma. She had treatments last Monday through Thursday and then had to stay in the hospital until she was stable enough to come home. Which she did last night, so she gets to spend some quality time with little Sam, I hope. It's also going to mean that my godparents will get to have something of a normal schedule. I did worry about them last week.

There was talk of her hiding out at our house today. She's got a million wonderful friends and they all want to help and cheer her up, etc. They don't quite seem to understand that she's literally too exhausted to feed herself, let alone give Sam a bottle. The last thing she can handle is 10,000 people calling and stopping by, no matter how wonderful they or their intentions are at heart. That's tough and it's hard to turn people away. Hence, the hiding. On the upside, I haven't seen her (or Sam) since the Sunday before Father's Day and I wouldn't mind saying hi if she's at our house.

Anyway, just wanted to note my "yay"-ness.