Tuesday, July 05, 2005


What an exciting weekend! Lots of "bigish" news:

1) My godsister came home from the hospital after her second round of treatment, which seems to have been much easier on everyone than the first round. We had a cookout at her house on Saturday and her spirits seemed pretty high. Now the waiting to see if it worked. Sam is also still cute.

2) I've borrowed a bike! It's Duchess' mom's old bike and it is a bit too tall for me and I haven't figured out quite how to ride it without making my a) arms and b) bottom uncomfortable, but I'm very, very excited. If I can practice enough, then I might try and ride it to work later this summer.

3) I saw Welling (favorite professor) in Richmond this weekend, because I went over to pick up pages of her book to work upon. We chatted and that was nice.

4) I saw MUPPET! We watched Buffy episodes and it was fun. I'm going to miss him loads and loads until Europe and I really wish he weren't moving so soon, so that he could go festivaling with us.

5) LSE HOUSING!!! I've been offered a single room in Butler's Wharf, which was absolutely my first choice. Man, that was a great way to start the work day, even if I did scare my co-workers with that little screech! Butler's Wharf is located on the south bank of the Thames, literally next to Tower Bridge (that's the famous one with the big towers ("news from the file marked 'duh'"), that is across from the Tower of London. I love the South Bank on principle and it is such a nice area. The building is made up of shared flats, with a kitchen (because it's self-catering). I also have to provide my own bed stuff, so I'll have to decide whether to take that stuff with me or buy new once I'm there. It's going to be odd to have limited cooking materials, too, but I'm sure I can manage. Oh, this is going to be awesome! Housing for LSE was decidely my biggest worry about this whole thing. And, now that I have an address I can fill out my visa application and finally send that letter telling American that I'm not coming to law school in the fall. I'm sending that form out tonight, gosh darn it! If you'd like the address, leave a comment and I'll e-mail it to you.


Here are a couple of pictures from Butler's Wharf: More here.

The single room. And you know that mine will look like this, eventually.... Small, eh? But WITH A SINK! (This also excites me.)

This is the view from one of the balconies.