Wednesday, July 27, 2005

Nothing really important

Hee. Someone got to the blog today by searching for "tort crimes" in google. That was because of the ATCA paper I wrote earlier this year. You know, back when I was an undergrad and all. Continue to get loads of people who are searching for Tricia's blog page. Melanoma news continues to be not so great, but she and her husband are in New York this week and I hope they are having a wonderful time! (I think they're seeing Wicked this evening. I know very little about the show, other than that I should be jealous.

Back at work, code checking continues. I'm doing Title 3: Elections, which is being reprinted in its entirety. That makes for a very, very long set of documents. On the other hand, I was amused by this heading: "Watcher's Rights." And I thought..."Damn straight! Giles has rights, too. Stupid council can't just keep ordering him around."

Oh, the dorktasticness abounds. :-)