Thursday, July 21, 2005

An update:

1) The passport containing my visa has arrived. Of course, it really arrived yesterday and I had to place a somewhat anxious phonecall asking someone to actually check the front porch. My passport was outside overnight. Sheesh. Go me.

2) LSE found my paperwork!!! This means I can stop worrying. Unfortunately, with both the housing and the visa done I'm all pumped and ready to go (other than selling my car) and departure is still two months away.

I've been using the lulls at work to do blog research. I found two more great ones and you will note the new links on the left. "Life in Airstrip One..." is written by another American, who is just finishing her MSc in Russian and Post Soviet Studies at LSE. The other, "Jex in the UK", is written by a Canadian MSc Criminology Student, who just happens to have taken the class that is the core for my program. They got to go on a very sweet trip to Geneva this year and I've got my fingers crossed for next year! Anyway, it's been really helpful to read about their experiences over the past year.

This weekend (or tomorrow, really), we're heading off for the five hour drive to Cleveland ( was only four hours from Richmond) and the Cleveland Irish Festival. I loved this smallish festival last year and I'm looking forward to it far more then I am the Dublin Irish Festival. Expect a report and some drooling. Why? Because the lead singer for Seven Nations is AMAZING(ly hot). Hee.