Monday, May 02, 2005

Ugly Green marble is soooo '50s.

So, I'm sitting here watching Kofi speak about the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty before a bunch of delegates in the GA hall. And I'm thinking, as I so often have before, that no one seems to have thought about how butt ugly that room looks on television. All you see is the ugly green marble behind the person who's speaking and just a hint of a logo on the podium. And yet, when I went on the tour of the UN building, I was absolutely blown away by the power and beauty of that single room. And it looked pretty smokin' in The Interpreter. Le sigh. I should have complained when Shashi (the USG) was here.

The thesis is due tomorrow at 4 and is only partially written. But, it is a whole lot better now than it was in the awful draft and much of what I need to work on can be copied from the older version.

And, I had my last undergrad final today without a tinge of regret or any real emotion at all.