Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Election Day 2005

This is interesting. A columnist at The Guardian is arguing for tactical voting, but not because of the Labour scare tactic that voting Lib Dem will let in the Tories. Go to bed with Charlie, wake up with Michael, anyone? Instead, he argues that an increased Lib Dem majority will herald an era of true three party politics, one where proportional representation may well be adopted:

Even proportional representation would not - and obviously should not - secure a Lib-Lab majority for ever. One day, you would have to have a coalition government including the Conservatives. But in order to get there, Conservatives would need to become more liberal themselves, and would then be further constrained by the coalition. So the combined impact of Blair-Brownite New Labour and Lib Dem mould-breakers would have shifted the very centre of British politics, as Thatcherism did before them.

This guy may be completely wrong, but it is an interesting analysis. And I would love to see what happens if the UK moves gradually to the left as the US moves toward the right.

Two and a half hours until the polls open and people have been out doing good morning leaflets for half an hour already. I miss Brent and watching London wake up.


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