Friday, May 27, 2005


I really need to look at these things on a PC once in awhile. Sorry, everyone, I didn't realize just how big that title was because it never changed size on the Mac.

I'm finishing up the end of my first week at work, where we've been comparing the text of enrolled acts (new laws passed this session) to the first drafts of pages for the 2005 supplements to the Indiana Code. Not too bad and the people here seem nice. I'm the one who wanted to work with the law, after all. Silly me.

This is going to be short because it doesn't really seem right to be doing this at work (but my internet access is non-existant otherwise). But, I did buy a plane ticket for London yesterday. So I officially leave on September 27. I finally got offered a place at the Human Rights LLM program at the National University of Ireland, Galway, but I'd already decided not to complete my application. They never got a second recommendation for me, so I have no idea why I was actually accepted.

I hope that everyone's summers are going well so far!