Saturday, May 14, 2005

Nothing much...

Sorry for taking so long to drop off a new post. Graduation weekend was packed and my grandmother didn't go back until Wednesday. Now things are very quiet in Richmond, although a few of my friends are still on campus for a couple of weeks.

As I said before, graduation doesn't feel any different. But, as another friend pointed out, that's probably because I'm just on summer vacation before starting more school. That's as compared to my friends who are going out and facing the real world right away. Ack, by the time I actually face the world and need employment, I'll have both a masters and a J.D. and be thoroughly over-educated.

The best news all week is that my friend's Peace Corps medical stuff finally cleared and she'll be leaving for Niger in July sometime. I was reading about the famine in Niger last night (after another friend and I had dissected the CIA World Factbook entry) and it seems like she'll really be able to do some good in that assignment. The facts I retained: 1.2% of the population with AIDS (low...the US is 0.6% for comparison) and female literacy that hovers around 9% (although it might also have been 7%). We've known for a long time that she would be headed somewhere in Africa, but it's nice to know where exactly (although our catch all phrase, Zimbumbafuck, was also working quite nicely).