Monday, May 30, 2005


So, I've spent most of today playing with Sammer Whammer, my 9-month-old pseudo-nephew. He's so much fun and soooo cute! I know, everyone with a little kid in their life thinks that theirs is the best, but I'm pretty darn sure that Sam's up near the top of the rankings.

In slightly more interesting news, I'm thinking of retaking the LSATs in December. I'd certainly have them out of the way. People in my office are taking them June 6th and all that talk about getting ready for them has kind of put me in the mood to tackle the tests again. I'm kind of itching to get ready and get it over with again. Plus, I thought they were offered only once or twice a year in London. Not so, but I think it would be better than waiting until I'm trying to cram for exams and I don't know if I'll be near a test administration site again. This time I'll try to get to the Guildhall early enough so that I don't take them in the amazing old room, but something a little less distracting (if also less awe-inspiring).

Tomorrow I head back to work and will use lunch to see if I can get the hotspot on the circle (the heart of Indianapolis) to work. Because blogging from work is just plain weird.