Saturday, May 21, 2005


I don't know if anyone had noticed, but when I'm procrastinating I start putting up lots of blog entries. That's what I'm doing right now. And listening to the live recorded Decemberists concert from All Songs Considered. (Basically a show I discovered because one of my high school friend's band was featured on this week's show...Adam Evil & the Outside Royalty.) And I hate to say it, but 16 Military Wives actually sounds better on the album. Maybe that's because I'm not actually at this concert that is in the past and took place far away from me. I'm still hoping that I'll get to see them sometime. Wish Earlham had publicized the concert this fall, but I was also at a Model UN conference at the time. Ahhhh, LEIMUN.

That was a fun conference. Especially the part where I had to be DD for a group where only two people (one of which was me) were legally allowed to drink. God, I was such a good kid. But, woot for Security Councils and locking the United States out of the room during voting procedures! Hah. But he was being awful and completely out of character (btw, that's just about the worst insult you can give a MUN kid).

My only regret at the moment: by leaving tomorrow, instead of a day later, I won't have access to the broadband in order to download or live stream Eurovision. SAD! SAD! SAD! It was so much fun last year, but it's hard to imagine that I was in London a year ago right now. And cheesy Euro-pop is actually kinda fun. Heh.