Friday, May 20, 2005

Getting Packed

I've been procrastinating on the packing, a really not smart plan when you've got 9 hours and a house to get in shape (not to mention in boxes).

But, the good news is that I finally figured out what I'd been doing wrong with LSE's accommodation form and got that submitted. I'm so glad because I had thought that I was required to have accepted their offer before applying (which I have, but it hasn't been processed yet). I don't know how I feel about living in dorms again, but it's such an easier thing to do than to try and find private housing (especially after recent experiences doing the same thing here in Richmond). But, I want a single! If I don't get into LSE or UCL housing, then I'll find something for sure. I was originally so nervous that I had thought I would start law school in the fall if I didn't get into the dorms, but I now realize that that would be a really dumb move. (No offense WCL-ers...part of me is still just a little sad that I'm not moving to D.C. this fall.)

Right. House. Clean. Pack. Me. Now......