Friday, April 29, 2005

The Interpreter

One of my friends and I went to see The Interpreter earlier today. What a great movie!

On the other hand, I can't, for the of me, figure out who is the target audience. All this talk of the UN? Americans hate the UN, remember!?! Plus, even I was getting a little mixed up in the beginning and a whole lot of people are going to be confused as heck about the ICC. Also, a big Hollywood movie doesn't make a profit by appealing to the fuzzy feelings of Model UN dorks (like me, of course).

But, yeah! There need to be more warm, fuzzy UN movies. Also, ones that are intriguing and actually managed to keep us guessing until the very last second!

Apparently, there's a whole generation of Model UN kids who started because of the Mary Kate & Ashley Olsen movie Winning London. (I'll admit that I've seen it, but I'd just gotten back and life was traumatic. I think that's a valid excuse.) Wonder if we'll get any more recruits now? Heh.


sojourning crow said... Reply to comment

it just looks like a bad movie without a plot that is going to bounce between him believing and doubting her, in evitably they end up dating in the end.
the only movie of nicole kidman's where this didn't happen was the peacemaker.

yes, american's do not like the UN. time to move it to Edinburgh or Luxomberg.

Joyce said... Reply to comment

Amazingly, and I suppose that this is a spoiler, they don't get together in the end. I kept waiting for it to happen and ruin the movie, but the most intimate moment is when kidman falls asleep while Keller is comforting her.

The plot's a bit complicated, but they managed to keep two fairly well educated students guessing until the very climax of the movie. My friend Juliet went back to see it again the second day and we had a long discussion about what countries/dictators the creators were thinking about when they created their fake country.