Tuesday, April 26, 2005

Thesis soon, I promise.

Of note:

+Thesis presentation went fairly well, I think. Even if I was the only one who didn't have either a power point or a prepared script. Maybe I'm better at talking on my feet than I give myself credit for. Or, perhaps, I'm lazy! (I'm going with lazy, personally)

+Thesis presentation also helped me figure out how idiotic my current organization of said thesis was turning out to be. (Bad Joyce, ending sentence in a preposition.) Have decided to go chronologically, rather than by section of the Bricker Amendment. Good thing is that this gets my weakest stuff out first (the stuff about the Constitutional Convention), so that I can, hopefully, write the rest more quickly once I'm dispensed with the Founders. (Who else thinks of DS9 when mentioning the Founders?)

+Season 4 of Buffy finally appeared just before said thesis presentation. Woot! (Oz: "On the plus side, you killed the bench, which was looking shifty.")

+Everyone else (well, all the 1L blogs that I started reading in anticipation of going to WCL) is reflecting upon their school year. I don't think I can do that yet, because it's certainly not over yet. Boooo! Right now it feels like all I can do is make it through the next week and a half until graduation, but I know that I'm going to be incredibly sad when it happens. I guess part of me doesn't really believe that college is going to be over in 11 days. And, then, unlike high school where everyone lived in the same general area, my closest friends are going to scatter all over the country (and world). Not that I'm helping by moving to London for the year, but still! Things are going to change a whole lot and I can't think about them because I still need to focus on stuff like my thesis and finals.

+Whiskey Tuesday next door has now extended into Whiskey Wednesday Morning and that's a bit extreme. Joyce & Diana have Tuesday TV night...they have Whiskey Tuesday. What does this tell you? On the other hand, that loud music might be the house on the other side, where we never see the guy and he likes playing music very, very loudly at all hours. Good thing I sleep like a log.

+It's getting easier to share my roommate with her annoying boy. Plus, she's finally gotten some job nibbles, which would be fantastic if they worked out!

+It dawns upon me that for the next year I will not need to skimp on using too much of my favourite Vanilla tea, because I will go to school literally across the street from the Twining's shop on the Strand. On the other hand, being in the UK for a year might do horrible, horrible things to my caffeine intake levels. So MUCH tea!

+Bloody BBC ran a story today about how Americans don't care about the General Election because it's hardly being reported in our press. Then, they didn't leave a "send us comments" link, like they ALWAYS do, for the dorky Americans (who, you know, have it set the UK edition and do their best to keep up on the coverage and join British political parties) to defend themselves. Narp. God, now I know that I've lost it. So WEIRD! (Ryan: if you're reading, I was talking to my friend Scott today about the election...he's probably worse than I am about things British....and discussed how I'd won a copy of the Orange Book from the Backbencher. At which point he professed a sincere desire to borrow it, which made me think how lucky I've been to find a kindred soul at Earlham, who has not only heard of the Orange Book, but wants to read it. Then we had an argument about when Charles became party leader (which reminds me that I need to check). Everyone else, excuse the tangent).

+I think that's enough for now.