Monday, April 11, 2005


I got an acceptance letter in the mail today from the MA half of American's JD/MA International Affairs program. And a large part of me can't help but thinking that it wouldn't be such a bad idea. I think the second thoughts are because I'm secretly nervous about the idea of moving to a new country and being a grad student (especially in light of my severe case of senioritis). Somehow, being a student in the States seems less scary, although I don't know why I think that being 1L would be any less of an adjustment. Silly me. I bet I'll feel better once I've gotten my LSE packet, which has been/will soon be shipped from my godparents in Indy. Still, there's just a lot of uncertaintanty that's making me nervous; housing being the really big one for now.

And the thesis saga continues. I'm doing a revised version of the first draft for Bob tomorrow, hopefully with at least some of the major holes plugged and some work to clean up very sloppy prose. I would remind the assembled audience (hah!) that this version is actually named "draft 4" on my computer, 'cause there were two false starts.