Sunday, April 17, 2005

Our paddling pool

The weather has been wonderful these past few weeks, here in good old Indiana. The tulips started blooming earlier this week and I don't think I've ever managed to spend so much time outside (I'm more of a hide indoors sort of person). I've even avoided a sunburn so far, which is a miracle when you're as pasty as I am. I win all the pasty-ness contests, yet another reason why moving to a more northerly climate is a really good idea. I have to love a country of pasty people who don't seem to sell sunscreen any stronger than 15 SPF.

So, the project for the weekend, other than that 10-15 page paper I'm writing on British politics (hah), was to raise a paddling pool in our backyard. One of the other houses had one and it seemed like such a great idea! So, we went to Walmart, bought a "family swim center," a bicycle pump and a hose. Dave came over to help us later an comment that God was punishing us for the combination of paddling pool and pump. Today, on our second try, we discovered that it was probably more efficient to blow the thing up using good old fashioned lung power. My diaphram had fun this afternoon. Sadly, we started filling it up and realized simultaneously that the water was absolutely frigid and that my roommate had to leave for the Gospel Revs. concert and soundcheck. So, we have not yet used the paddling pool that consumed the weekend. But we will! I hope the sun is out there now, warming up the water! And if I keep trying to fall asleep, it might be a good way to focus the brain back on Britain in the European Union Today.

On the other hand, I am pleased to report, that what we skimped on the pump we made up for by buying squirt guns and rubber ducks. Priorities!