Wednesday, April 27, 2005

The next-to-last day of classes

Dawns upon me that I'm never going to meet any of the 1Ls whose blogs I've been reading, even if I keep reading as they become 2Ls & 3Ls, 'cause I won't start law school until they've graduated. I'll be replacing them, not in their classes.

I had a challenging conversation today. Raja, the awesome econ. professor, challenged my decision to go to LSE and do this masters degree. I must have passed, because he told me that he would have been doing the same thing if I'd decided to go to law school instead. This whole time, he's the only one at Earlham that's really, really helped me think about grad/law school in a "you should think about these schools," "you should try for the reach schools" sense. You know, practical advice combined with a helping of encouragement. I think, deep down, he was unhappy that I was set on attending WCL. He seems to think I should aim higher and I like having someone around who will actually challenge me, even if it is rather exasperating (and made both Behar & I late to the last Politics of the EU class).