Wednesday, April 20, 2005

A Child's First Con Law Class...

Yesterday, in Con Law II for undergrads, we talked about Milikin v. Bradley, the case in which the USSC says that interdistrict busing is not ok to try and repair de facto segregation that exists when all the black people live in the inner city and all the white peole have moved to the suburbs and the suburban schools. Incidently, this is the same case that was the reading for the day that I went to IU's admitted student day.

Bob explained what the case said and moved on. The professor at IU assumed people could read the case on their own and instead discussed how the rule in Milikin was used to allow a challenge to Indianapolis' own de facto segregation. Bob never answered the question: if the USSC says that busing isn't allowed as a remedy, then how come we've had busing in the north for years? I'm so done with undergrad.