Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Training, Week 5

Sorry, I'm a little late on this one.

If I weren't typing this on Wednesday night, I'd be talking about how nervous I was finishing up Week 5. Because Week 6 are when things get tough on my Hanson's plan - all of a sudden I've got to start doing long intervals and tempo runs and six runs a week, instead of five fairly short runs at super duper easy pace. Week 5 involved 24 miles of running; Week 6 requires 39(!). But, er, now that the hard part of the week (the interval and tempo runs) are done, I'm feeling a bit more in control.

So, about I just talk about last week's training?

Day 1 - 5 miles easy (11:09 pace)
Laps of Green Lake. Quiet and wonderful.

Day 2 - REST
Went to the gym for a short strength workout, though.

Day 3 - 4 miles easy (11:10 pace)
Waterfront path after work, through the Sculpture Garden. Ugh. Tummy issues. Gotta figure out how to manage these runs right after work. Maybe skip my coffee on days that I know I'll be running at 4:30? This isn't an issue with runs at 6:30 or 7pm.

Day 4 - 5 miles easy (11:11 pace)
Oh, man. Hour's workout at the gym, followed almost immediately by five miles around Green Lake. I took a Gu in between, which I suspect helped me a great deal. Surprisingly, I was tired and glad when my five miles were done, but I didn't feel like I couldn't move another step. I CAN tell you that I was exhausted for two days afterwards, however. Which made for a massive Friday night party of OMGRANTHENWASINBEDBYLIKE9PM.

Day 5 - 4 miles easy (11:15 pace)
Tired, sore, ran my miles anyway.

Day 6 - REST
Well, I mean, I had my skating lesson at 8:30. Decided in my head that I want to do the adult freestyle lessons, as well, since my basic skating skills need work. And then I came home and collapsed again. I think I did something Saturday night, but apparently I have absolutely no memory of what it was. Nor does facebook, twitter or my e-mail, so I guess it didn't really happen?

Day 7 - 6 miles easy (3 at 10:46 pace, 3 at 12:38 pace)
I went to Green Lake to get 3 miles in before the itty bitty Inclement Sprint 5K, where my job to was to try and pace the roommate to a 12:00 paced 5K. Her shins weren't working properly and got all splinty, so it didn't really work out, but since we went and had brunch at Blue Star afterwards, it was all fine. And the adorable gay frat boys of UW raised a nice sum for the Safe Schools Coalition! I will save her the shame of posting the photos where I'm literally walking backwards mocking her for needing to re-tie her shoes in the middle of the race. But they're hilarious!
So tiny that we took a race photo (I'm the one in bright orange)! Awwwwww.