Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Training Week 1

Day 1 - Rest Day
Way to start out with hard core marathon training! Rest day woo! Except that I went for a C25K week one run with my friend Juliana. We took the requisite "we are tough and ran to Lake Michigan in December" photo. It was great!

Day 2 - Rest Day
Christmas Day! Hurrah! More crazy hard training.

Day 3 - 3 miles easy (11:07 pace)
I foresee really struggling with the paces I'm supposed to be hitting on these easy runs. I think they're supposed to be 11:28. I'm shooting for 11:15 and still haven't hit it, even with my awesome Garmin 610 virtual pacer. Ran around Juliana's neighborhood. Also, went downtown in Chicago to meet other friends for lunch. I definitely OD'd on yummy German food over Christmas!

Day 4 - Rest Day

Day 5 - 3 miles easy (11:07 pace)
Treadmill day in Duchie's gym. Awesome company, but, man, treadmills are BORING! Good chat, though!

During the day, I had yummy Ethiopian food with my best friend's husband for lunch and then took myself off to explore Andersonville and the Swedish-American Museum. They have a Children's Museum of Immigration on the top floor of the museum, which I was really intrigued to see. I LOVED the idea, but it was largely "here's a cabin in Sweden to play in, now compare it to this cabin in Wisconsin that you can play in!" Which, I think could really, really work, but it was hard to find the orienting information for the parents to turn it into an educational experience (especially if you weren't someone who knew a ton about immigration would work better if the parents knew the content in the "adult" museum downstairs already). I suspect it works really well when the museum people do it for school groups, though.

Day 6 - 4 miles 5 miles easy (10:39 pace)
Duchie can't run easy. It's a proven fact. She also wanted to do five miles, instead of four, so we did. This was lovely, on the Chicago Lake path, even if I laughed at her lone "hill." Running with my favorite and oldest running buddy is always the most wonderful thing in the world. I love it! That was a good one. :-)
I met her puppy!

Day 7 - Rest Day
Travelled back to Seattle from Chicago. We're not even going to talk about the cabbie who asked me if Duchie was my daughter, after she stuffed me in the cab. She's older than I am (barely, but STILL)!

So, that's 11 miles for week one. Right on plan!