Monday, January 21, 2013

Training, Week 4

I don't think I have much of interest to add this week. I did the runs. They were fine. I had to rearrange a bit, to facilitate a fabulous Saturday adventure with my wonderful, wonderful friend from Australia! I also think I might stick with the trainer for the duration of marathon training: I was impressed when we met this week.

Day 1 - 5 miles easy (11:02 pace)
Lap of Green Lake.

Day 2 - REST
Took Count Rucifee von Kittenpants. He thought it was no big deal, but I was a mess! I've never taken a pet to the vet before (I've never had a pet before him...don't think that I'm a bad pet owner!). I was super excited to find an Amazon Local coupon to the new Urban Animal vet - located about a mile away from home. I was skeptical, because the clinic is walk-in, but we checked in online before we left (this took a bit longer than expected, because Kittenpants does NOT like being shoved in his cat carrier) and there was no wait at all. Everyone was very nice to both of us and told him that he was a very handsome cat (cue *proud owner thoughts*). He had a rabies shot and was told that he should probably keep working on losing some weight (his goal weight is ~14.5 pounds).

Day 3 - 3 miles easy (11:10 pace)
This was after a workout at the the gym and my legs felt DEAD. Ugh. I was also reminded, via workout, that I am sometimes incredibly pathetic when asked to do any workout that doesn't involve me running. SO. HARD. Sigh. Each mile got slower. On the upside, I loved the Marathon Talk interview with Mike Tomlinson, whose wife did some amazing, amazing endurance feats during the seven years after she was diagnosed with cancer.

Day 4 - 3 miles easy (11:02 pace)
Lap of Green Lake.

Day 5 - 5 miles easy (5.3/5.4 pace)
Apparently this is her country's worst wine!

We've been having some insane fog in Seattle (seriously, like four days of thick, thick fog). I ended up doing this run on the gym treadmill, because I worried no one would be able to see me. AND BECAUSE I HAD TO GO PICK MY FAVORITE AUSTRALIAN FROM THE AIRPORT. And then I promptly took her to Costco, which was hilariously fun. Australian mind blown!

Also, amusingly, I got chatted up by a "random" while on treadmill. He was on the rowing machine next to the treadmills and was clearly trying to hang on until I'd finished. He gave up after 3 miles.

Day 6 - REST
I decided to rearrange and do my run on Sunday. I started off the morning with skating, but the teacher was ill, so I actually just had half an hour of free ice. I had it to myself for the first half hour!

Then, we had Top Pot doughnuts(!) and started the drive north to the Skagit Bald Eagle festival! It was incredible! We made several stops, but the best was at a bend in the river where we saw at least two adult eagles fishing in the water and a few juveniles, one of which landed in a tree just by the side of the road. I LOVE bald eagles and it was so neat to see them so close!

Checking out the model bald eagle nest.
Interpretive eagle dances!
We fulfilled one of her lifelong ambitions, but didn't make it to Walmart.

Day 7 - 5 miles easy (5.3/5.4 pace)
Ugh, another treadmill run due to fog. BUT, then Favorite Sarah and I went exploring - Pike Place was obviously the first stop. Then on to Cupcake Royale to try the cupcake ice cream. Then we entered the lottery for Book of Mormon tickets (we lost), did some shopping (um, I WON at Ann Taylor and AT suit for $65? Yes, please!), and had a lovely Italian dinner. Our time went SO quickly, but I'm so glad she visited!