Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Dumbo Double Dare

So, I'm completely insane, but I've gone and registered for the Dumbo Double Dare, running the new Disneyland 10K and the Disneyland Half Marathon on consecutive days. I'm really looking forward to it and I'm planning to do actual, specific, planned training for the half this time - it's time to put my 2:15 to bed. And, given that I did an 8K and a Half this fall, I'm not so worried about finishing the distances - I don't think this is anywhere as big a challenge (for me) as the Goofy would be (Disney World Half & Full on consecutive days).

There are a TON of unhappy people over on the RunDisney facebook page, though, who didn't get into the Dumbo or the 10K before they both sold out (Dumbo in less than an hour, the 10K took 2-3 hours) after registration opened at noon EST today. I'm not really fussed (then again, I got in). I was absolutely certain that the Dumbo was going to sell out incredibly quickly - I don't think I expected the same for the 10K, though. This is what races do these days - when the Chicago Marathon opens in a few days, I'm sure it will be less than 24 hours until it's sold out. Ironman's an extreme example, but those events can sell out in seconds. I think that if you're serious about running certain events you learn to plan for them or you enter lotteries and hope that you eventually get in.

Part of the frustration is that a number of spots went to people who registered before the official opening gong, either at the Disney World Marathon expo, the Tinkerbell expo, or because they had special links for Disney Visa Card or Annual Pass holders. That's certainly Disney's prerogative. And, frankly, if you knew where to look, those links were actually available to the public, too. I don't really have much of a point, but to say that I don't think RunDisney did anything wrong here - races are popular and exciting and people want to be part of them. Capacity is limited (thank goodness - nothing worse than a crowded course) and not everyone gets in. As this sport becomes increasingly popular, it's going to continue to happen (maybe people are more likely to be pitching a fit, because so many RunDisney participants don't do tons of other big races?). And it's just something that runners have learned or need to learn to plan for when they draw up their racing schedule.


Ginny Carpenter said... Reply to comment

You are absolutely right. I had not heard of the dumbo double dare before it posted YESTERDAY and I looked into it and make a quick decision to pull the trigger. AGAIN, maybe I am not as upset because I too got in BUT Disney running events are getting more and more popular, especially now with Jeff Galloway being so involved and doing speaker series. I am happy Disney has a limited amount of people partaking because otherwise, it would be a complete mad house (more so than a Disney race already is) and if people took the time to think about their comments before posting, think they would agree. I have ran in multiple disney races and they seem to continue to grow each year to the point that I joke that I feel like herding cattle :)
I will say this, clearly runDisney events are popular. WDW has more options than WDL but even saying that, the WDW is where I normally run and they are always packed. Offering more running events would be beneficial because then people could "pick" from more options but with all they already do and the cost of doing one. To that, it may not even matter much if they offer more running events because those too would be quick sellers being the first year... thats the thing to remember here, this is the first year doing the challenge, next year I highly doubt it will sell out as quick. For those that didnt "Get in", remember there are the options to do it via a charity organization. I feel bad for those that didnt get in and hope that they can next year!!

Joyce said... Reply to comment

Exactly, Ginny! I think we're definitely on the same wavelength here!

I love RunDisney races and I LOVE that they bring new people into the running community by being so beginner friendly, but there are definitely times when you can tell that some of the runners are new to this world...I think this is one of them.

Ginny Carpenter said... Reply to comment

Good Luck, I am doing my first Princess 1/2 in a month, so this is great prep for what else I have to do to get my rear in gear for this event even though I really am just more excited to have fun!!! Best of luck for an amazing event.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

I love runDisney and this will be my 14th runDisney event! If anyone needs help planning their Disney stay I provide free Disney vacation planning.

Joyce said... Reply to comment

@Ginny Carpenter Thanks, Ginny! I'm running Princess next month, too! It'll be my second one and I couldn't be more excited! Good luck to you, too!

Liz said... Reply to comment

Hi, Joyce! I found your blog looking for other Dumbo runners. :) I cannot agree more with your summation here. I was actually one of those folks that missed the sign up deadline. I was even at the WDW Marathon Expo. I had no excuses other than the fact that I wasn't sure at the time what I wanted to do. Then by the time I made up my mind, I had missed the window of opportunity by several days. I was completely bummed, but I just went to work - I tried several charities and tour groups before lucking out at a spot with Team in Training. Which was the best thing that could have happened, really, and I honestly think happened for a reason. Point being, folks should definitely plan for these huge Disney races and even when things look bleak, never give up! If you put in the effort, you might just find a way there. :)