Sunday, January 06, 2013

Training, Week 2

Things proceed on track here at Eugene 2013 training HQ. I was scheduled for and completed 5 short, very easy-paced runs this week. My weekly milage was only 15, but I'm pretty convinced that the point of this part of the training is to get your body used to running many more days a week than it's used to (mine is used to 3-4, so the bump to 5 isn't toooooo bad, but I'm glad to start here instead of jumping up to 6 immediately).

I'm also very excited because Marathon Talk's Spring Motivation Challenge starts tomorrow. I really loved using it to log my runs last year, since I knew my "rivals" would see if I slipped up and didn't maintain my 100% ratio of planned runs to actual runs each week. I think it played a huge part in helping me stay on track last year, especially as I was doing all of my training on my own. This year won't be nearly so lonely, thanks to my amazing running club.

However, I'm working on embracing my inner introvert, who actually loves doing long runs on her own, with a podcast for company. I'm constantly shocked at the number of people who can't even fathom the idea of a solo long run and I worry that they think I'm a freak for preferring them. But I can motivate myself to get out on the run and I enjoy not having the pressure to keep up with someone. I suspect that doing so would make me faster, but...not worth it.

Finally, in exciting exercise news, I started ice skating lessons this week (another reason I'll be sticking to solo long runs, since my lessons conflict with running group's long runs)! I skated from third grade until I left for college and I've always missed it. But now, I have a car and I can drive myself to the ice rink! I'll be doing an 8-week series of adult ice dance lessons to relearn some of the patterns and basics. I feel a little bad, because I'm definitely ahead of the other people in the group (apparently ice dance is something that people do in couples when they grow up...because it was two couples and me?), just because of my past experience. It's nice, though, how it comes back. I'm also wondering whether I need to incorporate a practice session in somewhere in my week.

Anyway, it's lovely to be back on the ice! The coach is very nice and is a guy, so it evens out the M/F ratio. I can still skate, but my legs are a little wobbly and there are all sorts of little technique things that I'm looking forward to working on alongside the people who are less confident on their skates. And I think it will be a nice bit of low-impact cross-training, since it forces me to move in ways that are COMPLETELY different to running. We had a lecture yesterday about how runners are really good at moving forwards and backwards, but not about using their bodies to rotate or go sideways...skaters do a lot of that.

Right, records:
Day 1 - 2 miles easy (11:03 pace)
Yup, still struggling to stay at 11:15 pace. Barely made it back in time to greet the first guest at our New Year's Eve party!

Day 2 - REST (New Year's Day)
It was BEAUTIFUL in Seattle on Tuesday! I eventually forced my roommate to go for a lovely walk in Discovery Park, which neither one of us had ever actually visited. But, it was great! I can't wait to try some trail runs there, too.

Day 3 - 3 miles easy (11:10 pace)

Day 4 - 3 miles easy (11:23 pace)
Yay! My friend Tiffany kept me on pace for our lap of Green Lake at Thursday night running club. And, then, I proudly at a salad at our post-run pizza place. Win. Then, I picked up my friend Alison from the train station, who was visiting before she flew back to the UK!!! I haven't seen Alison since April, so it was a special treat.

Day 5 - 3 miles easy (11:06 pace)
Late night treadmill session after a day of playing tour guide. Had a fabulous brunch at Coastal Kitchen (OMG, gingerbread waffle and smoked salmon scramble!), spent an hour getting Alison fingerprinted at the King County Courthouse for new teacher's licenses, forced her to try a Top Pot doughnut (which allowed me to remind her of my 5K PB...even though she's a much faster runner than me), saw Silver Linings Playbook (lovely...great acting, although I thought the chemistry wasn't amazing), and had sushi dinner. Fun day!

Day 6 - 4 miles easy (11:07 pace) + ice dance lesson
LOVED my dance lesson! Took Alison to the airport afterwards, "watched" the Georgetown-Marquette game with alums, and went to the running club talk on surviving marathon training. About 10pm, I finally made it out the door for my run in the rain. You know, I actually adore night running (as long as I have a headlamp, high-viz gear, and tail light). It's so peaceful and calm. Although I totally can't do this on work nights!

Day 7 - REST
Well, I haven't officially finished this, but I'm working on it! I will roll out my hips, though, later, because they were feeling a little tight yesterday.

Right! On to week 3!