Sunday, May 28, 2006

What a great race! My hands were and still are a bit shakey, ever since that last restart. I was yelling at the computer to shut up about Michael Andretti's chance to win. He's an Andretti! And so's his 12-year-old 19-year-old son!

I'm not ashamed. I wanted Micheal to finally pull out the win. And I'm sad that he didn't. And urgh. I really am not a Penske fan. Call it a grudge, but ever since he snubbed the IRL at the very beginning.... Didn't turn out how I wanted, but this was a race that was exciting enough for me to be clutching Cory the raccoon and standing beside my bed for the last few laps. Good job, Indy. :-)

And, sorry, for everyone who doesn't have a clue what I'm talking about! I'm from a racing family...sort of. Did I tell you about my dad's radio work being in the Smithsonian? ;-)