Thursday, May 25, 2006

Can someone who's using a PC please, please let me know whether this looks awful in your browser or not? It did on the school computers, but I'm sort of hoping that that was an LSE fluke. If it wasn't, then I need to do some serious work. So sorry!

In other news, we have a new TV! Our old one had to go back to the person from whom it was being borrowed and we made a joint decision to go ahead and purchase a new one (heck, when you already have the license, you might as would be much more of a pain to try and pursuade the license people that you don't have one anymore). So, Argos is still great, even though I'd never been there, and we found something quite large for only a third of our budget. Of course, I'm supposed to go back and get the freeview box, since we'd decided to get one after finding out about tv prices, but needed to check to make sure we could get reception. Woot!

Right, I'm off soon for a day of study fun. Less than a week to go. I'm not panicking as long as I stay away from school and friends from school. And, of course, I feel guilty about feeling so relaxed! My life is a vicious cycle.


Anonymous said... Reply to comment

well.. iam a pc user
its jsut black letters in white board ... big too..
u need some editing..

kristine said... Reply to comment

I'm using Safari on the Mac and it's fine. But, notably, some browsers (Internet Explorer, cough, cough) do NOT handle CSS very well.

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Text looks like it is font size 32 on my work PC


Jess said... Reply to comment

looks fine to me. you have to have a license to own a t.v.?

Ryan said... Reply to comment

Massive text, very black and white, no background.
Using IE on WinXP