Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Jules countdown: 4.5 hours!

Alright, the cake is half-baked (much like myself) and needs to be iced. I've swiffered to get rid of all the hair on my floor and swept up the bigger crud, tidied a great deal, changed the sheets, and cleaned the tub, sink and toilet. I'll never be up to janitorial Jules' standards, but I think I'm at least presentable. AND I'M SO EXCITED! WOOOOOOOOOT! Birthday plans: McDonald's for dinner, Lion King, wellness wine & chocolate cake. :-)

In other news, I turned in my essay. I think it was crap, but there's not a whole lot that I can do about it now. That also feels like a million years ago because I've been up in Brent delivering for the Lib Dems. The elections are tomorrow and, while I just lurve the 4am good mornings, I'm rather excited. It should be a good one for the Brent Liberal Democrats, if they can just convince people to vote for the bird, even if the lovely Sarah Teather MP isn't actually on the ballot. It's been really nice to see Chris and Ian and Steve (for the first time in a very long time) and meet new people, as well. I'm absolutely stunned at the difference that two years has made for that local party. In 2004, there were something like 10 of us (a third or so from outside...) and now there are so many people that I don't even know them all! It's fantastic!

Must run and shower and go off to do theatre tickets now!


ken kearney said... Reply to comment

I like you imagination!

Anonymous said... Reply to comment

Tell that Juliet hello for me....hope she is well...have a great time together! Love Sue