Sunday, May 14, 2006

I am such a laaaazy Joyce when it comes to these exams. For some reason I can't find the motivation to get through them and I know that that's really, really bad. I should be the one who wants to excel academically. Instead, I find myself sort of envying the people who just want to pass. I'd also like Tadic to go away, because I've been stuck on trying to sort through the opinions of the trial chamber and the appeals chamber for two days (not that I've put all that many hours in, but still!). Tomorrow's going to have to be a National Theatre day, because I simply don't want the internet as a distraction and I'm really, truly better off if I don't see other people from LSE. My ICL study group, in particular, is starting to freak me out.

Sorry for the aaaaaangst. I did go running this weekend, sort of managing to meet up with a friend and a few others in Regent's Park on Saturday. Lesson 1: Joyce is such a nighttime runner. I wanted to curl up in my bed afterwards. I'm just so relaxed afterwards, not so much with the "toooo much adrenaline, I must go and read 1,000 pages while standing on my head" reactions. :-)

Which reminds me, if you'd like to donate to the Race for Life, I'd really appreciate it. Recap: me + 5K = less exam stress + money for cancer research.

Another exciting thing: Fun Fruit & Veg stamps, part II! I've been putting off the post office for a month now, but I've got a really, really good reason to go tomorrow! wOOt! Mr. Potato Head + valid postage = hours of fun! But, why the equations tonight?

Finally, elephants!
Sorry. I've just been in an elephant mood all week. No idea what that means. But, I certainly haven't turned Republican.