Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Just a note...

I know that I haven't written in over a week. Trust me, it's not because I can't think of anything to say; it's because I can even begin to put into words what this past week has been like. After the initial euphoria, I think I went through a period of the homesick funk. It wasn't particularly pleasant and I'm going to give major props to j00j and Duchie for helping to pull me out. Even bigger props go to Sarah Howell, a France-program Earlhamite who called up and asked to stay here while travelling through London. I didn't know her at all, but she's great and I can't tell you how wonderful it was to have a "friendly face" for a couple of days. There's something about a fellow Earlham student that makes the world a better place. Plus, I showed her all around London and it really helped me feel like I belong here again.

Regardless, the rest of this week ought to be fun. Tonight's the Serentiy premiere in Leicester Square. Another girl on my program and I are going to go observe the red carpet-ness. They've asked us to post profiles on our class message board. Everyone's been out of school, worked for the UN, speaks 16 languages, and have helped starving orphans/AIDS victims/etc. in at least four undeveloped states. Which does make me wonder how darn good that personal statement of mine must have been! Anyway, I posted that I liked Buffy (among other things, inc. West Wing) and I've gotten two or three e-mails of affinity. How cool! So, yeah...there'll be Joss Whedon bonding this afternoon/evening. Tomorrow, Muppet gets in to London. He's scared of the tube, so I have to meet him at the train station (this boy is such a wimp!). Sarah follows the day after and we're all going to see Serenity on Friday, plus there's the hall boat party on the Thames on Thursday night!

One other quick note before I run away to class and try to finish this incredibly difficult article that I've been reading. Well, maybe two. One is that I've restocked my cool pen supply and been to Paperchase to get the same kind of notebook that I used last year. I feel like I'm at Earlham again when I use them...I think that's cool. I know that smells can revive memories (thanks, Sue!), but who knew that notebooks could do the same thing? Secondly, something I've noticed about the LSE. I remember when we went to that human rights law conference at the U of Cincinnati and Welling sold the idea to all of us by telling us that most of the people speaking were ones that we'd read articles by in I-Law. But, god, that's what it's like here ALL THE TIME! In every class, you read at least one book/article by the professor in charge and often several by other LSE teachers, who they can randomly invite to speak. It's cool, albeit a bit intimidating.

Right, must run. More on classes/Serenity premiere report later!


Sue said... Reply to comment

Smells....what a thing to be remembered of the best things, actually. I look everyday at your blog Joyce, enjoy reading about what's going on...leaving tomorrow for california - sailing this weekend to Santa Cruz...I'll be thinking of you as the "smells" and sounds of the ocean pull up memories for me....

blessings - love S.