Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Here Today

This week's West Wing, anyone? I didn't quite cry, but there was significant mistyness. I don't want to spoil things for anyone who hasn't watched, but so awful and so painful to see that exit. Confrontations between those two are never good and always uncomfortable, but knowing that this was the last one and that things would never get patched up made it ten times worse. And the realization that only one of the original cast that I loved so much is really left in the White House(I want to qualify that statement by saying that the President doesn't count and Charlie's in a new role).... I'm going to be so utterly destroyed when this show goes off the air.

I really need to watch some old episodes. But not now. There's reading to do.


kmsqrd said... Reply to comment

Yeah, the conversation in the Oval was brutal, but hit the notes of their relationship so well. I also thought that President Bartlet was correct about Toby's continual holier than thou attitude comming back to get bite him. I just miss the breathable moments in the show that used to be there when Sorkin wrote it.