Monday, October 10, 2005

Just planning for the day

So, last night I made soup and it was so wonderful (and easy). Yum, veggie soup with tofu and whole wheat pasta. I swear I'm not that big a health food nut; I just didn't want to defrost any chicken. Because after not being a vegetarian all my life and a year and a half of having a no-longer-vegetarian roommate, I'm still slightly scared of cooking meat products. Le sigh.

Anyway, this is mostly for my notes:

1) shower, put on clothes, etc.
2) leave here by 11, walk to the National Theatre
3) do readings for tomorrow's class (also, conveniently, it's the only reading I have left for SO424 as well), for LL423 lecture on Wednesday, continue trying to catch up on LSAT studying (I'm getting there; I did four chapters of my Logical Reasoning Bible yesterday)
4) if my head's not exploding, this would be a good time to go to the Courtald Institute on it's free Monday afternoon
4) got to school. buy books for SO424 & LL423, use library to find articles that weren't located the last time
5) Meet Hannah at 5:25 outside library
6) go to lecture at St. Paul's Cathedral on Global Poverty
7) unscheduled after that.

Sometimes it just helps to write these things down. Tomorrow, I've got class, perhaps a lecture at lunch time and debate society in the evening. Sheesh! There's never a free night!


ken said... Reply to comment

How was the lecture on global poverty?

Joyce said... Reply to comment

Hi Ken!

See the next most recent post for a the summary. :-)