Wednesday, October 05, 2005

"Big Damn Heroes!"

Most of you know that I am Lazy Joyce (tm Juliana), although some of you think that I am also bad influence Joyce (tm OCR). I am being lazy just now and posting the photos from the Serenity premiere, instead of more important details about school and stuff. But, grrrrr, the girl that I went with this to (Abby, fellow MSc student, Israeli, very into feminist theory re: Buffy) managed to buy a ticket to go to the screening. I probably would have, too, if the opportunity had presented itself. But, she's more hard-core than I am and I didn't mind all that much. Plus, I'm the one that got one of the massive cardboard posters that they stuck on the barriers. Don't know what I'm going to do with it right now, but I carried it though the LSE library (had to return another book by 9) and I'm not giving up now!



Joss' stylin' footware

Jane Hat!

Cap'n Not-So-Tight-Pants. :-( Heh. Sorry. Been thinkin' of this caption all night...probably the only reason this is getting done in such a timely manner!


DI 71 said... Reply to comment

I thought "Bad Influence Joyce" was an OCR name for you - not an OBDAR...

Jess said... Reply to comment

did you actually meet them? cuz if you met god(joss) that's awesome!