Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Induction Day!

Well, I'm pretty's my first day of having something that I have to do in exactly a week! There's a sociology lunch at 1:00 and induction from 2:00 onwards and I can't wait. Happily, Alex, the human rights student from flat 46 and a political sociologist upstairs and I are all going to walk to school together, so I won't feel like a total misfit. :-)

Speaking of walking to school...I figured out why it was taking me so long: it's a two mile walk! It's not the walk that I mind, it's just that it was taking soooo long. Now I get why, at least. Mr. iPod might be keeping me company on that walk throughout the year....

Since this is just a brief update, I think I'm just going to talk about my two other flatmates (there might still be one more). Tom is actually English (OMG!) and doing his LLM. He's the same age as me and has also just finished undergrad at Birmingham. He's very laid back and very cool. I think he's going to be very nice. Emily is a general course student, which means that she's on her year abroad. She's a senior at Southern Methodist University, majoring in IR and originally from Tulsa, Oklahoma. On the cool side, she's a failed sorority girl and HATES Bush (I'll admit, I was worried). She also seems nice and I don't really mind having another American around.

These last few days have been really dull. I went running on Saturday and Sunday and managed to piss off my shins. That made for a not-so-happy walk to school yesterday. I went to the Apple store on Regent St. on Sunday and wandered down to used bookstores on Charing Cross Rd. for more Rumpole books. Yesterday I went to school, poked around the library, ate lunch in Trafalgar Square (side note: the National Gallery's hosting a Rubens exhibit later this year...hello, my favorite artist!), walked down to Westminster and read for awhile in St. James' Park. Sunday and Monday we had social events in the common room (that ended in the pub) and there's more planned for the rest of the week. I might find it fit to avoid the foam party tonight at the Union that marks the start of Fresher's Week. Ack.

Oh, and a note for j00jie: everyone I've met so far in my program (well, the North Americans, anyway) reminds me too much of Steve...and I feel that I'm am not cool enough for this! Ack. Inferiority complex shining through...!


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Oh noes, your blog comments are being spammed.
I'm sorry everyone is cooler than you. At least you didn't get lame North Americans. Or rude ones. And you're cool too.