Thursday, September 22, 2005

London, Day 3

I promise that I'll eventually stop counting the day, but right now it still seems appropriate.

What did I even do today? Oh, I slept in quite late (especially for me). That was weird, but I think I'm still adjusting (and I was up insanely late). I'm going to get ready for bed after I write this tonight. Anyway, the dorm people came and cleared out the kitchen. I did manage to save some cereal and tea from them. Oooh, must put up a note saying that the stuff in the fridge is mine, since I went shopping this evening. I don't know why the trip to the grocery store took 2 hours, but it did. I'm now the proud owner of "Pure Orange Juice with bits." I can confirm for the stamp collectors that Postman Pat's (like Spaghetti-ohs) are still available and I bought a few tins. Also some fruit, yogurt, mik and nutella. Yum, nutella! Excellent for toast. BTW, I think the reason that Brits eat so much toast is that you can toast stale bread and it doesn't matter. No preservatives mean fewer days of good bread (although you can buy half a loaf, which is cool). Half cucumbers are also available. Anway, I absolutely love going grocery shopping in foreign countries!

This is all a bit stream of conciousness, I'm afraid.

I spent the afternoon (since it was afternoon by the time I left the flat) walking toward school, stopping on Fleet St. to finally get a mobile phone. I've got a number now, so contact me privately if you need/want it. I stopped by the library to read for awhile and I remember that I meant to read some more tonight. I might just do that in the morning instead. What else? I stopped by the LSE shop to get a logo hoodie (what's the point of going to the LSE if you can't wear the clothing?), Boots to finish buying toiletries, and walked back. Then came the grocery shopping and dinner of cucumber, toast with nutella, yogurt, and orange juice (with bits!).

Now that I'm recounting it, I can't really figure out why I'm so tired. I think the jet lag and all the walking are just doing me in. I'm glad I'm here so early to recover before classes start. Living in London just entails such a different lifestyle! I wish I'd worn my pedometer.

Oh, and I bought a alarm clock/world band radio. Thank god. The BBC world service is the best way that I know to fall asleep. :-)