Thursday, September 08, 2005

11 days to go

I'm so sorry! I haven't updated in ages and I haven't had time to read anything on anyone else's pages, either.

Last Friday was my last day of work and it was really sad. I had fantastic co-workers and I'm going to miss them! Stephanie even made me an action's Bad Influence Joyce! I'll post pictures at some point.

I've been away at grandma's house since Saturday morning and there's no internet there. Even now I'm using the wireless at Panera Bread, so this isn't a real update. I've been packing up my room and scheduling appointments right and left and there's a ton to do this afternoon before "family" portraits at 5:00.

Updates are going to be sporatic and probably brief...if you really need me, send an e-mail (which I promise to check once a day) or call (if you have the number!).

London's coming so quickly!