Wednesday, August 31, 2005

More Sam time

Tricia's pain just got too bad yesterday, so she had to go back to the hospital. It was back to school night at Mrs. Black's school, so that left Roddie on Sam duty. I cancelled plans with a friend (sorry again!) to help him out. Rod's never fed Sam since he went on real food, so I didn't have a moment's hesitation when I heard about Tricia.

Sam, as usual, was great. He's very good at stuffing food into his mouth, sometimes to the point that it has to sort of dribble back out when he's put too much in and forgotten to chew. Last night's menu was ravioli, peas and pasta salad with avacado. The child like avacado? Odd. Even I didn't really develop much of a taste for avacado until the last couple of years. Apparently we failed when we forgot to give the child fruit. Oh well. Dinner was followed by time with my (vintage) FisherPrice racecar. Ooooh, must try to find the missing piece somewhere on the internets. Sam's also discovered splashing in the tub, so I looked like a drowned rat after his bath. Such a cute kid. I'm sad that I won't see him for a year. :-(

The last crop of Master's students at LSE are finishing their they're due tomorrow! That's me a year from now. Ack.


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My thoughts are with you and the Blacks.
Hm, I've no idea if I liked avocado as a kid. It is kind of an odd taste, but it does have wonderful messiness potential, which might be very attractive to a small child. Goo!
And I think technically that *is* a fruit...

Anonymous said... Reply to comment've become a caregiver....what a wonderful gift you give and S.