Wednesday, August 24, 2005


Well, actually, I'm better now and back at work. But it was a bit disappointing. I finally went out and bought proper running clothes (the kind that dry quickly...) Sunday night after we saw Valerie off at the airport. I got up early to run Monday morning (very excited to try new things out) and something did not feel right. Anyway, details are not pleasant, but it was some sort of stomach "thing" that knocked me out for two days. Still waiting to try out running clothes.

In other news, Eddie Bauer is EVIL because I like their clothes too much. When you look at the wardrobe that I'm intending to take to London (and, hence, haven't "deaccessioned" yet), very few things are items that I didn't buy at either Eddie Bauer or its outlet over the past four years or so. They're pricey, but do amazing (and continuous) sales. At which I am an expert. *Bows*

Also strange is to read about everyone starting the new year at WCL (the law school I'd be attending if it weren't for LSE). In some ways, I'm kind of relieved to be "taking a year off," although we'll know in a month's time whether I'm still thinking of it as a "year off."

Finally, news that's probably not exciting to very many people at all (but very exciting to a few of us). But my bestest friend Duchess got cast as Mary Warren in The Crucible at Civic Theatre, here in Indianapolis. I'm so proud!!! (Although I may have been less than responsive at the time that she call...being between involuntary diaphram contractions and all...sorry 'bout that Duchie). I'm just sad that I'm going to miss it. :-( Must go find a copy of that play now....