Monday, January 23, 2012


Just needed a bit of a moan. I ran 14 miles on Sunday. It was a new personal distance record, as I've never run anything further than a half marathon (13.1). I mean, I hadn't. Before Sunday. Now I have. Obviously.

But, ugh. It wasn't a very good run. It was the same pace as my first, very slow, half marathon. I never felt super comfortable, which I think might be, in part, because I managed to eat two mince pies for dinner before I collapsed into my bed for 13 hours. Proper fueling, I think not. Or maybe it was the stress of the previous week, which, between family, the funeral, and the travel cluster recounted below, was probably significant?

Either way, I ate my Gu, thought about pretzels, took one or two brief walk breaks and got through it. Slowly. Oh, but I did find the start of the Burke-Gilman trail, which was interesting & I'm looking forward to the Lake Washington Loop Trail for my next adventure.

But, ouch, ouch, ouch. I haven't been this sore since my first half marathon (the one after which I declared that anyone who would run a full marathon was INSANE and I would never be one of them). My calves started cramping immediately. My right shin is tender to the touch, my quads and hamstrings are distinctly unhappy with me, my ankles are bit tender. Basically the entire bottom half of my body hurts. Quite a bit. And I'm sort of shuffling around the office. WITH THREE MORE MONTHS OF THIS TO GO! And I'd be just over halfway done with the marathon.

Whine, whine, whine. I have to keep telling myself that my body will get more used to this - I didn't have any of these issues after my 12 mile run and, frankly, the biological effects of 12 vs. 14 shouldn't be that significant. And I'll have better (and probably worse) runs. But, I have to keep going. Still, why didn't anyone warn me that the training was going to hurt so much?

I've booked a sports massage for Wednesday. I'll bet that's going to hurt, too. Whee.


Patty White said... Reply to comment

Congratulations Joyce on 14 blazing miles! Forget about it not being your personal best. I say that, but I'm my own worse critic too. I'm just beginning to play around with thought about a marathon, after completing two half marathons, so I started reading a book about beginner marathoners. You, are doing it! Keep up your training and you can do attitude! Good luck!