Saturday, January 28, 2012

15 miles done!

WOOOOOOHOOOOO! Finished my 15 mile run this afternoon feeling about a million times better than after my 14 miler (and having run at a much faster pace, even)! While I can't be exactly sure why this one felt so much better, I'm guessing it has to do with:

  • Getting good sleep
  • Running consistently last week - not trying to fit my runs in amid travel
  • Carb loading and eating well in the two days before the long run (especially noshing on pretzels for an extra dose of salt)
  • Eating a better breakfast (bagel w/ cream cheese)
  • Fueling more consistently: Gu before the run, as well as at mile 5 & 10
  • Drinking nuun instead of water, to replenish some electrolytes
  • Knowing when to switch to music, instead of just podcasts (and ONLY looking at my Garmin after a whole song had played)
  • Being a far more pleasant day to be running than last week - chilly, but no rain
I did my run on the Burke-Gilman trail, as usual, but this time set off toward Lake Washington and UW as soon as I got over University Bridge. It's such a nice trail and all but one or two of the street crossings have crosswalks. The only things I didn't like was how many bikes went whizzing past without ringing their bells or yelling to let me know they were coming, even where the path was really narrow. No real chaffing issues, which is a blessing, and I'm definitely less sore so far than I was last week at this time. w00t! In super attractive news, my face was absolutely covered in crusty salt patches. Ew. As if I needed more evidence that salt loss is a potential issue for me.

I was momentarily sad when I realized that today was the inaugural Tinker Bell half at Disney Land, which, clearly, I wasn't running. But, as Duchie pointed out - we're PRINCESSES, not fairies and, to be completely honest, I'd so much rather have had a good 15 mile run in the bank toward my marathon than a new medal for a distance that isn't going to be enough to get me ready for London.

Speaking of shiny medals, however, I finally registered for the Birch Bay 30k road race. I've actually got 21 miles on the schedule that day, so I'll do an extra 2.5 or so before the race starts. It's kind of exciting - it's my very last long run before the taper begins and I'm glad that I'll get to practice running without needing to carry my own water. Plus, medal, amiright?!

This week marked a return to consistency of which I'm proud. With no more travel plans, other than for races, I'm looking forward to sticking to my plan.

  • Monday - 4 miles easy
  • Tuesday - strength workout
  • Wednesday - 7 miles easy (treadmill - booyah)
  • Thursday - strength workout with trainer
  • Friday - 4 miles easy (my AWS day, so out in the glorious Seattle sunlight!)
  • Saturday - 15 miles
  • Sunday - REST (or maybe yoga?)