Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Ok, I'm three days post-long run and I do feel almost completely better, although yesterday and the day before were pretty awful. The office administrator has thought this whole marathon lark was insane from the day I told him that I needed to request a big chunk of vacation time and why. He thinks my tottering around the office is hilarious. And, I suppose, it kind of is. He's really going to enjoy the next three months.

I might have been better off if my days hadn't started by needing to return library books. Which isn't so bad in itself, except that returning books means that I then have to walk three blocks down Seattle's nightmare hills to work. If your quads were as unhappy as mine were at the time, you'd be complaining about walking downhill, too!

So, to cap all of that off, I had a nice massage tonight and then went for an easy seven miles on the treadmill. Which really wasn't so bad, other than having to wait a few minutes for a treadmill to open up.

I think tomorrow I'm going to stop by the running store downtown to talk salt tablets. I'm a really heavy sweater and always have been - I do wonder if salt loss might have contributed to my calf cramps after the last long run and have something to do with the muscle soreness I've experienced?

Right. To bed! Well, to sleep, seeing as I'm already in bed.