Monday, January 23, 2012

The past week - epic travel fun

Well, last week was a bit epic. Started out the Friday before leaving for Philadelphia for what turned out to be my Grandma's funeral (see prior post - I bought the tickets before she passed away, so I originally thought I'd be visiting her). There was some utter crazy rescheduling brought on by a delayed aircraft that saw me deciding I'd fly to JFK & make my own way to Philly, then switching airlines and flying to Atlanta for my connection. It was a bit insane, but I made it.

Grandma's funeral was on the Monday and I had a chance to go down to Center City to see my two best college friends. Unfortunately, I think they ended up seeing far more of each other than of me, since I absolutely collapsed after the first five minutes of the Star Trek DS9 episode we started watching. I'm told that they watched another one AND made popcorn, but I was completely zonked out. Bless. They took good care of me.

Monday was a beautiful day - a bit cold & windy, but sunny and wonderful. I know Grandma would have loved the funeral and it felt like a big family reunion and a bit like a party. It was terribly sad that she wasn't there, but I loved seeing people who I haven't seen in ages or who I can never see enough of. In particular, I really loved seeing my cousin and her parents, my aunt and uncle, who I've gotten to know better & better over the last few years. Such a treat! And, Duchie came up from DC, cutting short her romantic B&B weekend with her husband to do such exciting things as keep me company on my 7-mile treadmill pace run. But, I did let her watch Murder, She Wrote & we shared the trashy magazines that I found on the airplane to New York last week. It was so great to see her, too!

Tuesday was the first hint of trouble, when the administrative head of the office called to let me know that the office would be shut on Wednesday because of an incoming snow storm, of which I had been blissfully ignorant. I decided to change my flight to Thursday, because the snow was supposed to turn to rain. I don't think anyone knew it was going to change to freezing rain, however. After a lovely bonus evening with friend in Center City watching Downton Abbey (squee!), I tottered off to PHL. The useless check-in lady knew nothing about the weather issues out West and I checked my bag. When I got upstairs, I checked twitter (god bless it) and found out that SEA-TAC had been closed with the ice. I immediately rerouted myself to Chicago, because I figured a bigger airport was better and I could always stay with my friend's family if I got stranded.

And a good thing, too, because they did cancel my flight and the earliest I could rebook (without going standby) was Saturday. Somehow, my bag was in Chicago, too, even though it had first gone to St. Louis on my original flight. So, I spent two nights with my friend's family, which was wonderful. And I went to Hull House to see another college friend and ended up buying a few of Jane Addams' books. Pity she spells her name the same way as the Addams Family. WHICH I DO NOT, TAKE NOTE ELEMENTARY SCHOOL BULLIES. Amazing woman & amazing work, though, and incredibly interesting. I can't wait to do some more reading. I finally got back to Seattle Saturday evening. Hurrah!