Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Library, I think not!

Well, Jules and I were supposed to meet at Lilly Library (and what college in Indiana doesn't have a Lilly Library? We love you, Uncle Eli!) at 9:30 to pick up books & our food and go to Charlie's and, yeah, that hasn't happened at all. My alarm must have gone off as planned at 7:45 (stupid me) because I remember being confused as to how to make it shut up. So, I woke up again at 10:30, thought SHIT! and went back to sleep. Finally got up at 11, checked on Jules via IM and discovered that she hadn't left the dorm yet, either. Yeah!

    SO, plan for the day:
  • Now: get dressed

  • Next: make a nice lunch stir-fry

  • Then: drive (yes, I'm lazy) to Lilly to return Carter books, sort through more Presidential papers, retreive our food

  • After that: drive (yes, again, lazy) to the Wellness Center, change and use the elliptical for half an hour

  • Finally: go to Charlie's until late again to read, write and drink no coffee! (last night was just too jittery for my taste)

Camp Thesis is in full swing, here! Blech.