Thursday, March 24, 2005

I can't believe its Friday...

I guess today's the end of spring break, well, nearly. I thought I would be able to get soooo much done and I don't really feel like I have. I've loved hanging out with Jules, having the time to watch a movie or two, sleep some extra, etc. But the library only being open from 8-5 has made it really, really hard for me to work. I've got a bunch of "Foreign Relations of the United States" volumes sitting over there on the floor and I really should read the relevant sections before bed. Because my plan for tomorrow is to drive to Indy for the IUPUI law library. I'm just hoping that all of this comes into focus pretty soon, before I get utterly and completely bogged down in Senate hearings. Oh, dear. And I promised Roddy a cheesecake (well, sorta) and that's not happening right now. Le sigh.

I should save the angst for LiveJournal.