Sunday, March 27, 2005

I told you....

...that I was making up the html code as I went along! Thanks to Ryan who discovered the un-working links, which should now work.

Speaking of Ryan, I watched this week's West Wing just now with my roommate. And can we talk about how much I LOVE Alan Alda? Ever since he hosted Scientific American Frontiers, I've been a fan. Does that comment exude dorkiness? Soooorry, in the words of a friend who may or may not have made it back from the UK alive. Still waiting to hear whether Kenneth has made it back to campus or not and waiting to see if he found any election stuff lying around for meeeeee!

Speaking of elections, let's acknowledge that, yes, I am bitter that the General will probably be announced next week and I won't be there for them. Now that that's out of the way, here are the top 10 reasons that I won't be voting Liberal Democrat in the general election:

1. I can't vote in the UK.
2. I can't vote in the UK.
3. I can't vote in the UK.
4. I can't vote in the UK.
5. I can't vote in the UK.
6. I can't vote in the UK.
7. I can't vote in the UK.
8. I can't vote in the UK.
9. I can't vote in the UK.
10. I can't vote in the UK.

Also, this: did you know that if you hold option+v on your mac, you get a square root symbol (or maybe its a checkmark)? Me neither. √

And finally, the weekend for the IUPUI law library was a bust. None of the Senate testimony that was supposed to be on the shelf was actually on the shelf. Granted, they've only just moved the whole library within the last year, but still! I would have been a whole lot more upset if the librarians hadn't tried really, really hard to help me find what I needed. Now I have to order through inter-library loan and hope that things get here in time for me to sleep next week as I try to finish the draft for April 7. Narf.