Monday, September 25, 2006

Studio 60

Ok, so after the pilot, I was sorta goin' "Meh. I miss West Wing." This week, I still miss West Wing, but I rather enjoyed myself. It made me laugh and it made me look at the Quicktime time bar and go, awwww, I wish it were longer...just like I used to do with West Wing, back in the good days. It's still a Sorkin show and he's got thing thing for pissing off the Christian Right on his shows and making them look stupid (um, is that hard? don't hurt me!), but I think Josh and Chandler are a good couple and funny (ok, I can deal with calling Matthew Perry "Matt", but Bradley Whitford is probably always going to be Josh in my head). And I still <3 Danny ('cause how could you not)? I'm definitely more attached to the people who were on West Wing, but then I've been watching them for the past 7 years (well, 6. I wasn't a believer first season.) and I have to say that I think D.L. Hughley is a great piece of casting, as well. He makes the whole sketch comedy show thing work, because I instantly knew who he was and that he was a comedian of some stature, just the way that the SNL cast become minor (or major) celebrities in thier own right.